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Life Coaching with Sheri McGregor

 You are
  talented, creative, successful . . .
 yet you feel
              stressed, overwhelmed, and scattered.

You are ready

     to get your life balanced.

Do you seek time management skills, work life balance, and joy? Life coaching
helps you feel centered, energized, and inspired. Clutter fills more than our drawers
and tabletops--it exists in our minds and routines, blocking our pursuit of dreams. We
can get so busy achieving in some areas that others grow stagnant, or forgotten. Working
with a life coach helps you shift perspective, take action, and succeed.

Maybe you're heading into brand new territory.

Perhaps you've reached a point of transition. Life coaching gets you clear about your
path, which translates to more effective time management and focus. Working with
a personal life coach who knows firsthand about women and work life balance helps
you tackle lack of confidence or anxiety as you move forward. You know you are ready.
Take a step closer to your truest aspirations and live your life purpose -- all with
balance and joy.

Join your balance and joy life coach Sheri McGregor
on an exciting life coaching discovery path designed uniquely for you.

How Life Coaching Works
In confidential telephone sessions, we:        

Contact Sheri McGregor to
schedule a complimentary
life coaching discovery session today.

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More information --  What happens
in a free discovery session.

  explore your dreams
  identify your goals
  devise action plans
  conquer limiting beliefs
  stay on track for success!
You have everything to gain!


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